The weekend of the 5-7th August saw the inaugural Ignition Festival of Motoring event visit the SECC in Glasgow; a motoring festival that included exhibitions, driving displays and Glasgow’s first ever street circuit.

Scottish Motor Sports coordinated a variety of activities at Ignition that aimed to encourage new interest and participation in motorsport. This included a large stand in the shows ‘Motorsport Hall’. The stand played tribute to Scotland’s rich heritage in the sport with displays of classic cars and bikes such as David Leslie’s E [ig2] curie Ecosse Vauxhall Cavalier and Andrew Cowan’s, London to Sydney Rally winning Hillman Hunter.  More contemporary machinery was also displayed on the stand to highlight the various opportunities to participate in motorsport now.

The stand was manned by a mixture of SMS members and volunteers from two and four wheel motor sport across the two days, who worked hard to encourage members of the public to get involved in the sport; whether as a competitor or volunteer.

In addition, visitors at the show were able to get a first-hand taste for grassroots motorsport with Auto Test passenger rides, courtesy of Scottish Sporting Car Club. Despite some challenges with the wind and the car parks surface – which curtailed running at points across the weekend – the club ran passenger rides for over 250 people!  Their efforts were supported by Go Motorsport RDO’s, Alison Clark and Steve Johnson, as well as competitors and marshals from a variety of other clubs.

The SACU put on a live trials display team, which carried out displays in the live action arena throughout the  [trial] weekend, complete with coinciding commentary on how to get involved in motorcycle sport. They even recruited SMS Development Officer, Gillian Sefton, to become one of displays ‘obstacles’, thankfully returning her in one piece!

The Scottish Motor Racing Club brought a large contingent of marshals to run the events street circuit. The clubs senior Clark of the course, Steve Burns, oversaw the running of the circuit which hosted a variety of displays including David Coulthard in the Red Bull F1 car.

Commenting on the overall success of the event, National Development Manager, Rory Bryant said: “We’ve had an excellent three days at the Ignition Festival. The event organisers have done a great job pulling this unique event together, which has provided a great platform for us to promote all aspects of our sport from. I’d like to thank all those who volunteered to support our activities at Ignition and to the event organisers for embracing the Scottish motorsport community. I’m confident that everyone’s efforts will have made a strong contribution to club motorsport in Scotland.”

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