KORMC win Sportscotland Club of the Year

We’re delighted to announce that Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club (KORMC) have been announced as the winners of the 2017, ‘Club of the Year,’ at the Scottish Sports Awards, which took place on Thursday the 7th of December in Glasgow.

KORMC have made history as the first motorsport club to have ever made it through to the finals for this prestigious award. This win is great news for the club but also great profile for motorsport as a whole.


The Project

KORMC use motorsport to tackle anti-social motorbike use and illegal riding within Fife by delivering motocross based referral programmes to hard-to-reach young people. KORMC provide access to a safe venue for this activity to reduce the likelihood of anti-social behaviour within the local community and to give young people an opportunity to experience motorsport.

Annually, KORMC run three free of charge referral programmes which engage 36 youths. The nature of this activity is highly commendable and demonstrates how motorsport can be used as an engagement tool to support social inclusion.  

However, over and above the referral programmes, KORMC are just passionate about improving young people’s lives. Motorsport is often perceived as an expensive pursuit and so KORMC have set out to address this challenge and make the sport more accessible for young people in the Fife region. SMS Development Officer, Gillian Sefton, has been working with the club for the past year to help them develop their club offering and to help them address barriers to participating in motorsport; such as high costs and the need for specialist equipment.

In this past year, Gillian has helped the club to produce a development plan which aims to increase club membership from under 40 to over 350 people by 2021. In order to deliver the ambitious plan, we have engaged the club with the local authority and created a business case to attract funding into the club through the Sportscotland Direct Club Investment fund. This successful partnership will see £18,000 invested into the club over the next three years to help them fund a part time coach position, which will support the effective delivery of the development plan. This new strategy will allow people to try the sport from as little as £20 without the need for their own specialist equipment and – through coaching support - will give them the opportunity thereafter to progress onto competition.  This is the first time DCI funding has ever been awarded to a motorsport club and marks real step forward in Scottish club development.

KORMC have definitely earned their ‘Club of the Year’ status and massively deserve the credit they are receiving as they are making a real difference to the lives of young people in Fife . Through removing many of the barriers to participation in motorsport, KORMC enable young people a real chance to develop skills which in turn increases their chances of employability and reduces anti-social behaviour within the local community.

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