12 coaches successfully completed the MSA Level 2 Coaching Qualification, which was delivered by experienced tutors, James Wozencroft and Brian Cameron, at Knockhill Racing circuit across the weekends of 3rd & 4th February (Block 1) and 17th & 18th February (Block 2).

Participants in the qualification came from a variety of clubs and disciplines, from those with sprinting backgrounds to those with experience in rallying and racing. Two coaches from Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle club also took part; whilst the course is designed with 4 wheel coaches in mind, the majority of the course content is focussed on the art of coaching, over building technical knowledge, so, according to Kevin Murray, it was still a valuable experience:

After nearly 20 years coaching on motorcycles, which can be very sport specific, the level 2 course allowed me to see a more generic approach. Nicely delivered with group participation adding lots of different perspectives it was fun to see techniques I regularly use being applied in different ways and working out the best ways to apply new techniques learned on the course. It encouraged me to work out new methods for my next session so I can't wait to try them out on the track!

Super Lap Scotland driver and Disability Motorsport Scotland Trustee, Colin Duthie, also completed the level 2 and in doing so made history in becoming the first ever disabled person to do so. Colin and his colleague, Robert Jobson – who also completed the qualification – will now use the knowledge gained to enhance the fantastic work they do delivering motorsport taster session to those with a disability across Scotland.

“I am extremely humbled and delighted to have been given the opportunity to attend the course and qualify, especially as the first disabled MSA Level 2 motorsport coach in the UK. The course has given me the knowledge and confidence to coach for Disability Motorsport Scotland. Hopefully more disabled people will be inspired to apply for a motorsport coaching qualification. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scottish Motor Sports and the Motorsports Association for all their support". Colin Duthie

Following on from the last level 2 delivery in 2016, this recent delivery now means that there are 30 qualified level 2 coaches in Scotland, coaching in a range of different motorsport settings, which is a significant step forwards towards developing a positive coaching culture within Scottish motorsport.

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