SMS Academy Visited by Minister For Public Health and Sport


Knockhill played host to session 2 of the SMS Academy programme on Saturday 27th January.

This session focussed in on encouraging the athletes to lead a healthy lifestyle off the bike or out the car / kart, to ensure that they maximise their time when it counts on competition day. The SMS Academy coaches delivered workshops on nutrition & hydration and fitness for motorsport. The aim of these sessions was not to prescribe what the athletes should be eating or drinking, or what fitness plan they should be following. Instead, the focus – as with all aspects of the Academy syllabus - was to build the athletes understanding on the theories behind nutrition and fitness, in order to help them to make more informed choices about their own diets and training requirements.

Fittingly, the Academy athletes were joined for part of the day by the Minister for Public Health and Sport, Aileen Campbell. Ms Campbell not only took part in the morning’s nutrition workshop – she was also given a first-hand introduction to the sport with a Trials bike balance challenge and a passenger lap around the undulating Knockhill Racing Circuit!

Commenting off the back of her eventful visit, Aileen said:

“ It’s great to be here today at Knockhill to see in action Scottish Motorsports’ Academy system to see how well the young people are responding to the hints, the tips, the tuition, and the nurturing and the care that clearly the governing body is putting into the next generation of motor stars of the future.  We do have a rich history of motorsports in Scotland and that’s why it’s so important to preserve that history and that legacy but that we make sure we look to the future and support our sporting stars of the future and this is a great example of how important the academy is in achieving that aim.”

All in all, the day was deemed a success by the athletes who not only took a lot from the workshops but also enjoyed the experience of the minister’s visit and hearing of her support for the Academy programme. SMS Academy athlete and Scottish sprint competitor, James Coltart, commented:

"On Saturday we had our second session of the Scottish Motor Sports Academy, and once again it did not disappoint. We looked at health and nutrition, which was not only helpful for our careers in motorsport but also for improving our personal lives as well. We also had the privilege of meeting Aileen Campbell - the Scottish Minister for Public Health and Sport - and were able to give her a slight insight into our world of motorsport. I’m looking forward to our third session and what else will be in store for us."

The next session is due to take place on the 11th April, where the Academy athletes will be getting technical, taking part in a session on vehicle dynamics and riding theory.

Photo Credit: JSHPix


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