SMS Chairman Recruitment


Scottish Motor Sports (SMS) are seeking an independent Chairman to oversee and steer the SMS Development Programme.

About SMS

Scottish Motor Sports was established in 2011 as a collaboration between the bodies that govern two and four wheel motor sport; the Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU) and the Motor Sports Association, now known as Motorsport UK.

Through taking this new collaborative approach, the initial objectives were to create an alignment within the Scottish motor sport community that enabled SMS to speak with one voice - for all two and four wheel motor sport - and represent the best interests of the whole sport to Government and legislators.


This is a non-salaried position. Travel and other reasonable out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed for attendance at official meeting and events on behalf of SMS.

Contract Type

Volunteer on a three-year term (maximum two term tenure).

Job Description

The prospective Chairman is expected to provide leadership and direction to the SMS project, ensuring that the activities of SMS are managed effectively to promote fair and transparent practice. The Chairman is expected to provide support to the Managing Partners (Motorsport UK and SACU) whilst Chairing SMS and SMS Advisory Committee. They are expected to represent the interests of SMS in an ambassadorial role.

Any prospective Chairperson must meet the following requirements:

Personal Qualities

·         Exhibit a strong personal gravitas necessary to lead a national organisation

·         Exhibit strong interpersonal and relationship building skills

·         Can listen and engage effectively demonstrating tact and diplomacy as required

·         Possess strong networking skills that can be used to the benefit of SMS – a person domiciled in Scotland may be viewed more favourably

·         Demonstrate an ability to foster and promote a collaborative team environment

·         Be able to commit time to conduct the role suitably (attending circa six meetings per annum and other functions as a figurehead as required)

·         Understanding of sport and grassroots development


·         Possess a proven track record of operating in a senior strategic leadership role

·         Demonstrate a successful track record of achievement through their career

·         Extensive experience of Chairing meeting and events, managing stakeholders delivering presentations and working with Governmental bodies

Knowledge and skills

·         Possess a broad knowledge of sporting organisations and how they function in a modern Scotland

·         Demonstrate practical application of good governance

·         Strong leadership skills combined with an ability to motivate committee members, staff and volunteers and bring people together to a common goal

·         Expertise in financial matters preferably in a publicly funded environment

·         High levels of integrity and understanding and adoption of the seven ‘Nolan Principles’ of public life

Please apply in writing enclosing a full CV and covering letter outlining why you should be considered for the role. Two references should be available but will only be collected if the applicant is successful. Applicants should note any affiliations to clubs or associations linked to the SACU or Motorsport UK or the Association of Scottish Car Clubs.

Applications should be sent by email to: with the message subject “SMS Chairman Application”. Applications will be confirmed once received. Once reviewed applicants who make the next stage of the process will be invited to an Interview.

Applications will close at 1200hrs on 25 April 2019.

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